13 Nov 2012

Documentary : THE SCIENCE OF SEX APPEAL – Discovery

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Actors: Alan Dunn, Farrah Shaikh, Landon Ashworth, James Rhine, Derek Shah

Producers: Simon Andreae, Oli Barry, Adam Fischer, Hank Stepleton, James Younger

Studio: Discovery Communications, LLC

86 minutes; 2010

The Science of Sex Appeal isolates every detail of human sex appeal and explores it in terms of its evolution and function. It shows us what is genetic, what is hormonal, and what neurological. What is based on sight, what on smell and what on small, subtle cues like voice and movement. Ultimately, it takes one of our deepest subconscious processes and lays it out to us in shocking and specific detail. You’ll never look at a stranger, or your loved one, or yourself, in quite the same way again.

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