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18 Oct 2013

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07 Jun 2012

What generation do we want ?

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10 May 2012

WAWtalks 6: Who Are We between LOVE & Emotional Addiction‏

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WAWtalks session 6 will be held  on May 10th at 7:00 till 9:00

03 Apr 2012

waw talks – 5

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Who Are We in MindMapping: “a guidance from within to the world of without”
Guest Speaker: Caroline Hanna
14 Mar 2012

La flore au Liban

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28 Feb 2012

Baalbeck l’epoque medievale

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27 Feb 2012

waw talks – 4

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“How to be a SuperReader” with Dr Antoine Saad

26 Jan 2012

Decouvertes et activites en archeologie

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18 Jan 2012

waw talks – 3

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‎3rd WAWtalk event on Monday 23 at 7pm Sinelfil Cultural Center
Topic : “NDE & Consciousness” with a guest speaker…
Hope to see you there for the most stimulating and challenging discussion going on since the dawn of humanity on our human being (HB) nature..

01 Dec 2011

L’ art punique

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14 Nov 2011

Waw talks – 2

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Who Are We In the Universe? with Dr Antoine Saad