05 Feb 2012

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The Mission of ProMax is to promote Healthy physical and intellectual activities through a positive and interactive way in order to discover nature, share cultures and experiences as well as have a good time.
Our main purpose is to care for your welfare, health and safety by complementing Sports and Social Events with other relevant sciences such as General Health, Nutrition and Fitness. Read more

31 Jan 2012

The New Science of Learning: Brain Fitness for Kids

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Actors: Host: Peter Coyote

Directors: Eli Brown

DVD Release Date: February 9, 2010

Run Time: 60 minutes

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24 Jan 2012

What the bleep do we know?

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Actors: Marlee Matlin, Elaine Hendrix, John Ross Bowie, Robert Bailey Jr., Barry Newman

Directors: Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, William Arntz

Writers: Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, William Arntz, Matthew Hoffman

DVD Release Date: March 15, 2005

Run Time: 109 minutes

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17 Jan 2012

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking

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90 mn


Allen Carr is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert on stopping smoking. The Easyway To Stop Smoking DVD presents the Allen Carr method, which has helped many millions of people from all over the world to become happy non-smokers. It is a complete and effective program in itself and it will enable any smoker to quit immediately, painlessly and permanently, whilst actually enjoying the process. Introduced by Allen Carr and featuring Robin Hayley M.A. (Oxon), M.B.A., M.A.A.C.T.I., the leading therapist from Allen’s global Easyway clinic network, the DVD uses dramatic reconstructions, animation, graphics and direct instructional address. The method has become world-famous for one reason alone: BECAUSE IT WORKS. SPECIAL FEATURES: A personal message from Allen Carr, Interview with Allen Carr and Robin Hayley, Special feature on Allen Carr’s Easyway clinics.

About the Author

Allen Carr was an accountant and smoked 100 cigarettes a day until he gave up and wrote this bestselling book. He has built a hugely successful network of stop-smoking clinics across the world and is the author of The Only Way to Stop Smoking, How to Stop Your Child Smoking, The Easy Way to Enjoy Flying and The Easy Way to Lose Weight. In 2004 Allen published his bestselling autobiography Packing It In (Michael Joseph). He lives in Spain.

14 Jun 2011


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60 mn; 2011

Actors: Narrated by Peter Coyote

Directors: Eil Brown Read more

31 May 2011

The brain

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90 mn; 2009

Directors: Richard Vagg Read more

29 Mar 2011

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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90 mn;  2008

Studio: Franklin Covey

Here’s a sample of just how far Dr. Covey’s new approach and timeless principles can take you. Read more

22 Mar 2011


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2008 ; 100 mn

Actors: Secrets of Body Language

Directors: History   Read more

15 Mar 2011

Brain Fitness Program and Neuroplasticity

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100 mn ; 2008

Actors: Peter Coyote

Directors: Eli Brown Read more

12 Mar 2011


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The Brain is an astonishing voyage of discovery into our last biological frontier. Although today’s computers can make calculations in one-100th of a second and technology can transport us outside the bonds of Earth, only now are we beginning to understand the most complex machine in the universe. Using simple analogies, real-life case studies, and state-of-the-art CGI, this special shows how the brain works, explains the frequent battle between instinct and reason, and unravels the mysteries of memory and decision-making.It takes us inside the mind of a soldier under fire to see how decisions are made in extreme situations, examines how an autistic person like Rain Man develops remarkable skills, and takes on the age-old question of what makes one person good and another evil.Research is rushing forward. We’ve learned more about the workings of the brain in the last five years than in the previous one hundred.

05 Mar 2011


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What are dreams and why do we have them? NOVA joins leading dream researchers as they embark on a variety of neurological and psychological experiments to investigate the world of sleep and dreams. Delving deep into the thoughts and brains of a variety of dreamers, scientists are asking important questions about the purpose of this mysterious word we escape at night. Do dreams allow us to get a good night’s sleep? Do they improve our memory? Do they allow us to be more creative? Can they solve our problems or even help us survive the hazards of everyday life? From those who violently act out their dreams to those who can’t stop their nightmares, from sleepwalking cats to people who can’t dream, NOVA covers the fascinating experiments that contain vital clues to the age-old question: What Are Dreams?